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Swimming pool fences installed by Pool Guard includes a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY that provides protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and installation. With over 15 years experience and 65,000 pool fences installed nationwide, we guarantee you will get the best pool fence to protect your loved ones.

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Multiple Features of our Pool Fencing Guarantees Hassle Free Child Protection

One universal goal that every pool owner wants is a backyard that is free from accidental falls into the pool water resulting in injury or tragedy. For parents, being concerned about the safety of their kids is natural and they will feel safer when visiting a swimming pool area that is properly fenced off to keep the children from going near the swimming pool.

Our pool fencing product/services are the best in the industry because we provide a number of features that will ensure complete protection of children from accidentally going near the pools. Not only in the materials provided, but also in the manner of installation, our services are world class, exceed ASTM standards and more importantly, adhere to the local regulations about pool safety.

  • Quality mesh material – Mesh used by Pool Guard is of the highest grade available on the market. Guaranteed not to fade, shrink or discolour. Pool Guard mesh is built to provide long lasting security as well as enduring aesthetic appeal.
  • Beautiful looks – Aesthetic appeal is provided by the most color selections in the industry when it comes to meshes and poles. Pool Guard fences can match the decor of the swimming pool area providing the best aesthetic look for your backyard. Our pool fencing services make sure that the boundary formation is without any hitches and safe from all points of view.
  • Important accessories, good looks – To strengthen the fence, mesh nets attached to 6063 marine grade aluminium with quad-core, top to bottom reinforced poles, which exceed ASTM and LNE standards. Pool Guard uses stainless steel latches (not nickel plated or brass latches that tend to get soft over time) so that your pool fence lasts and lasts.

Pool Guard’s vision is to provide the best product and installation for removable fencing around pools so that you get the best product value for your money. You can throw in parties in the pool area or allow your kids to play in the surrounding space, without having to worry about the safety of the kids. These products will last for long years, because we have made sure to use the best features in the erection of the fence in the pool area.

About our Pool Fences

Pool Fencing Features:

  • SEE-THRU MESH: Pool Guard Fencing offers two mesh types. One is a durable textilene mesh, available in black and desert bronze and placed with a pole every 36 inches. The second is Pool Guard's premium interlock mesh. This mesh is the strongest manufactured in today's market and is rip-proof, mildew-proof, fade and shrink-proof. Pool Guard's premium interlock mesh is available in black, desert bronze, beige, white, blue and forest green, with several combinations to match your backyard decor.

    Our pool fencing mesh is manufactured with a post every 36" for added strength. Our pool fence has the first mesh ever manufactured solely for pool safety fence use. It comes in 6 colors and several combinations of colors to match your patio and pool décor. In addition, it offers excellent see-through visibility in all colors.
  • QUAD-CORE POLES: Simply the strongest extruded poles and the safest ever. Pool Guard's Fence poles are engineered to provide maximum strength.

    The pool fencing poles are spaced 36" apart on each section. Poles are available in standard aluminum finish, or your choice of black, white, beige, bronze, sand, silver, and forest green.
  • SLEEVES: Custom designed, high impact, non-conductive sleeves pass the national electric code and will not corrode.
  • MATCHING DECK CAPS: to insert into the sleeves when the pool fencing is taken down are available in beige, white or gray.
  • CHILD-PROOF SAFETY LATCHES: are made of stainless steel so they will not rust or corrode and will last under any conditions.

Patent Pending Self Closing, Fully Removable, Key Lockable Gate

swimming pool fences

Can now be retrofitted to work with your existing fences!

WALK-THRU EASY ACCESS GATE: We offer  a convenient self-closing, self-latching gate which is key-lockable for added protection and is also available in colors. Our professional pool fencing installers can in place the gate anywhere you would like for easy access to the pool area.

Color Combinations Available:

beige pool fencesblack pool fencesblue pool fencesbronze pool fencesgreen pool fenceswhite pool fences

We offer a large variety of color combinations as well as two heights: 48" and 60".

We also offer a Special 36" Pet Fencing! Pet's need protection too, however, the 36" pet fence is not suitable or recommended for child safety.

Pool Guard fencing is designed to provide you with the strongest materials and long-lasting protection with little or no maintenance.

Pool Guard fences are professionally installed to follow pool contours, as well as patio and lawns.

Our products have removable sections so the fence can be partially removed in only a few minutes. However, we recommend pool fencing should never be taken down when children are present. Swimming pool safety fencing is never a substitute for adult supervision. Please supervise your swimming pool when children are present.

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