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Pool Guard™ specializes in making the highest quality pool fences and removable pool fencing in order to keep your swimming pool safe. Our Swimming Pool Fence products have been manufactured and installed for over 15 years by our family-owned and run company. Our trained, professional installers have installed over 65,000 pool fences nationwide! We have pool fence Distributors and swimming pool fence installers across the United States to better serve you. Get your free pool fence estimate today!

Pool Guard Pool Safety Nets are all custom made to fit your swimming pool. Our pool nets provide pool safety with our innovative pool net system that is ASTM certified to meet or exceed strict pool barrier codes. Swimming Pool Nets make it easy to enjoy your pool safely with four color options and easy removal and pool net replacement.

Pool Guard now offers inground swimming Pool Covers! With rising energy costs, pool owners all over the world are trying to find ways to reduce the heating cost of their pools. Many happy pool owners have discovered our automatic swimming pool covers are the finest, safest, and strongest, but yet are still very easy to operate. A Pool Cover lets you kick back, relax and enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership, while saving up to 70% on operating costs of your pool!

Quality Pool Fences Arizona Becomes the Hallmark for your Safety Concerns

While a pool in the house can be a great luxury for residents, concerns about the steps from preventing accidental falls is also intricately linked to the maintenance. It is for the purpose of the safety of children mostly that many people seek to have pool safety fence installed around the swimming area. We at Pool Guard™, make sure that your swimming pools are fitted with the best quality fencing material, which would serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

Over the years, we have ensured that our customers are provided with top quality fencing material and designs. As per the requirements of the clients, their pool size and shape, the fence is erected in a manner that ensures safety as well as keeps the pool areas aesthetically attractive.

Plenty of advantages on offer with our services

Pool fences Arizona is designed to offer our customers, as many advantages as possible. We work with the best materials, which are used for construction of the fence, because these also serve as a baby pool guard. They are not easily breakable and endure all seasons for long years. Mesh is made up of durable materials, which are strong enough for pressures and do not break when children are playing or leaning against it.

Height and gate precautions

We also take special care in maintaining proper heights, so that children cannot climb over the fencing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a 4’ removable pool safety fence with a self-latching, self-closing and lockable gate around all pools. The gates are designed to be opened and locked in special way, preventing children from opening these accidentally. Pool Guard installs the locking portion on the inside of the gate making unlocking the gate very awkward in the event that an older child is able to grab the key and try to gain access. This is just another effort to deter the access to the pool when it is not wanted by the parents or pool owners. Our installers of pool fences Arizona are specially trained for erecting the safety fences and the best satisfaction is guaranteed for our customers when our services are availed. The fences are installed so that the mesh is taught and borderline too tight. This tightness of the mesh insures there are no sags in the mesh or creating a “belly” resulting in a possible leverage point to try to climb over the fence.

Adherence to regulations of safety fences around swimming pools

Construction work in the installation process is done according to the local regulations and ordinances. As a result, our work is approved whenever there is inspection done by the local permit authorities. Since this kind of approval is nowadays required in many places, our clients rely on us to get the benefits of installing pool safety fence.

Why Choose Pool Guard™ For Your Pool Fence?

With over 15 years experience in removable mesh pool fence manufacturing, Pool Guard's fence construction is the envy of the industry with strong, QUAD CORE aluminum fence poles, patent pending self closing baby gate latches and come with a low sticker price. Pool Guard™ swimming pool fences and self locking baby gates are manufactured with the highest quality materials available today giving you the safest swimming pool fence to prevent accidental drowning.

We manufacture our fences from start to finish to ensure the highest quality product, which allows us to offer a Lifetime warranty. We buy the best marine grade 6063, temper strength of 6 for our poles. Our border is 2" marine grade with lock stitch for durability. We offer 15 color combinations to choose from. Our gates are hand crafted by a certified welder and have a complete in-house powder coating for our poles and gates.

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  • Professionally installed by an authorized Pool Guard™ Fencing dealer, our pool fences, pool nets and safety baby gates have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and will give you years of swimming pool enjoyment and safety. All of our expert swimming pool fence installers understand the trust you have placed in them to help protect your family and will not let any detail go unnoticed.

    The Need for Swimming Pool Fencing

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    Pool Guard swimming pool fences

    pool fences

    According to Government statistics, accidental drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5 in California, Arizona and Florida. Pool Fencing is the safest choice to prevent this kind of tragedy.

    Pool fences, commonly known as a pool safety fencing or swimming pool fences, are the best form of a 'passive protection baby sitter' any home can have. Installing removable mesh fencing can be a child lifesaver by protecting against accidental drowning of children, toddlers, baby and even pets.

    Pool safety fences are also known as a 'baby gates' or 'pool barriers' for swimming pools. The relevance is obvious; a baby or toddler is most susceptible to drowning if no safety pool barrier is there to prevent them from falling in. Swimming-pool baby gates should have a gate latch (gate lock), preferably a self locking gate lock mechanism and be up to your local building code. Removable mesh fencing can be temporary, is nearly transparent, protects your swimming pool better than an electronic alarm, and with aluminum construction, will be maintenance free for years.

    Pool Guard™ Manufacturing currently has installers ready to serve you in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, San Diego, Modesto, Fresno, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Georgia and many more. For a full list of our pool fence distributors visit our pool fence distributors page or contact us today to have one of our expert swimming pool fence installers help you protect your loved ones.

    Swimming Pool Barrier Fencing helps prevent accidental drowning as a virtual baby sitter for baby and toddlers by completely isolating them from the water with a physical barrier rather than other solutions like electronic alarms or sensors. Having a swimming pool safety fence as a kiddie barrier should be an absolute necessity to preventing the accidental drowning of baby, children and pets too!

    Pool Guard's Self Closing, Self Latching, Removable Key Lockable Pool Safety Gate

     A Pool Guard Safety Gate is the best in the industry and can be customized to work with your existing pool fence!

    Baby Gates for pool safety

    Our swimming pool fencing installations include our patent pending WALK-THRU EASY ACCESS BABY GATE. This self-closing, self-latching gate which is key-lockable for added protection and is also available in multiple colors. Our professional pool fencing installers can place your pool fence gate anywhere you would like for easy access to the pool area. Your baby is safely locked out, while you have easy access.

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    Affordable Pool Safety Fences with a Lifetime Warranty

    Our swimming pool safety products are priced to fit your budget. Use our fencing installation coupon to enjoy additional cost savings and then enjoy the protection of our life-time warranty we have on all of our swimming poolfences. Manufacturer savings plus online discount coupon!

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    swimming pool fence

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    Pool Guard™ Safety Fences has pool fence installers world wide in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Texas, Virginia, Canada, Columbia, Europe, the United Kindom and new offices in Mexico and Spain! The most effective and affordable pool safety fences are available today in your community. Our professional pool fencing installers can come to your home and answer any of your pool safety questions before any work begins. Quality is always our first goal and that is why we can offer a lifetime warranty on all of the pool fences we install. We understand the enormous trust you have placed in us by choosing our pool fencing company to protect your children. Please feel free to browse our site and get the facts on pool fences, pool safety, or request a pool fence estimate. We will always find a way to help you.

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    swimming pool fence


    swimming pool fence
    swimming pool fence

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    Need swimming pool fencing supplies? Need a new fencing manufacturer and supplier?
    Do you have what it takes to become an independent distributor of Pool Guard™ Safety Pool Fencing?

    Just call toll free 1-888-876-4005 for a free information package on pool safety and pool fencing or complete and submit our electronic form. We look forward to your inquiry, but hurry - only a limited number of these popular pool fencing business opportunities remains available! We offer exclusive, protected region pool fence distributor opportunities and low cost per foot for pool fencing supplies.

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    swimming pool fence

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